Maskne 101 (How to Fight Mask Acne)

Maskne 101

With COVID 19 still raging on, wearing facial masks have become part of our daily lives. As healthcare workers, we are no strangers to facial mask and PPEs, but with COVID; we have had to protect ourselves and love ones even more, leading to us double masking, using face shields etc. While this is keeping us safe, it causing increase stress to our skin, leading to dry, dehydrated skin as well as Maskne. 


What exactly is Maskne ?

 Maskne is acne related to the stressors place on skin while wearing facial mask. Occurs when face masks fit tightly on the skin for long periods of time causing occlusion and blockage, preventing skin from breathing. Leading to a build up of dirt, makeup and oil clogging your pores on a daily bases. This is worsen by the friction causing irritation to skin as well.

Tips to Combat Maskne 

Wash your face 

I know it sounds simple, but washing your face after you been wearing your mask for numerous hours is a key to fighting maskne. Scrubinksin's Rapid Response Cleansing Oil is perfect for an after or mid shift pick me up. It oil base is perfect for removing dirt, excess oil and makeup while hydrating your skin in the process. 

 It portable enough you can bring it with you to work and use it during your breaks to help keep Maskne from popping up during your day.


 Focus on Your Skin Hydration 

Dehydrated skin is the first to age, focus on hydrating your skin to combat Maskne and Aging Skin. Increase your water intake during your shift (yes i know it leads to more bathroom breaks, but it healthier for your kidney as well as your skin, Drink water frequently). 
Another way to hydrate your skin is with products as well, focus more on facial mist and tones that can be used as needed to help rehydrate your skin. Facial Mist/Tones offer a quick boost of hydration to your skin.
Scrubinskin PRN Facial Mist is infused with Aloe, White/Green and Fruit Extract to add moisture back into your skin. While it compact design is perfect for on the go, a few spitz in between charting sessions and your skin will feel nourished and hydrated.
Don't let Maskne stop your glow, check out our Skincare line for Maskne fighting products to keep you glowing from the frontline.

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